Our Cider

Our Ciders

All of our cider blends are made from many different varieties of apples, each with their own complex flavor and characteristics, not commonly found on the mainstream market.  Many of these strains date back hundreds of years, which add to our distinctive flavors.  We proudly raise and grow all of the apples pressed into your bottle of cider. In fact, about 12 apples go into each bottle of cider with no added sugars or sweeteners.  

Classic Sweet - Our family recipe that began three generations ago and has been perfected to create an intricate apple flavor.  First time buyers most often say it’s like “taking a bite of a fresh apple”

A speciality cider variety used and origin: Harrison Cider Apple, USA 1770

Food Pairings: Our classic blend is delicious with fresh grilled vegetables, seafood, and italian dishes such as fettucine alfredo.

Harvest Crush - This variety is blended with fresh wine grapes and crushed once yearly at harvest time.  Its flavor begins with apple and ends with a hint of grape.

A speciality variety used and origin: Bramley Seedling, Notinghamshire, UK 1809

Food Pairings: This blend is often paired with pork chops, pork tenderloin, or roasted lamb.

Vintage Dry - Semi-sweet apples with extra tannins to give it a “dry” or less sweet taste.  It is best served with food because it enhances without overpowering flavors.

A speciality cider variety used and origin: Virginia Hewes Crab Apple from Thomas Jefferson’s farm at Montichello.

Food Pairings: This variety of cider is good with just about anything.  Poultry and seafood are favorites such as grilled boneless chicken breast or gouda cheese.

Apple Cherry - Sweet harvest apples combined with the flavor of a home-made tart cherry pie.  It is the sweetest of all of our blends making it a great dessert cider.  

A speciality cider variety used and origin: Black Twig Apple, USA 1830

Food Pairings: This cider is perfect with red meats such as rib eye steak or prime rib.  It is also delicious with rich desserts such as extra dark chocolate cake.




Meet Heritage Raspberry.

Heirloom Blends are really quite fun for us. They are a way for us to experiment and try out new blends and recipes.  Heritage Raspberry was the first of these to try.

We call it Heritage Raspberry because the first time we pressed this juice we used raspberries from our first generation cider maker’s berry patch. My Grandmother, (or as my kids call her, “Grandma Grandma”, offered her raspberry patch for us to try this new blend. We knew it was an immediate hit the first time we tried it and got to work planting a raspberry patch big enough to make more!

This blend is kind of amazing and is a new favorite among the family. If you tried and loved the first batch of Raspberry we did, you will be floored by this one!

But there is a catch.  Because we wanted to preserve the strong raspberry flavor, we were only able to press a very limited number of bottles.

So get yours ordered soon. You haven’t tasted anything like it. I assure you.






Double Black is very unique. It is made from Arkansas Black and Black Twig apples. Haven’t heard of those kinds? It’s because they aren’t your run-of-the-mill apple. They are old cider varieties that were used in the past to make flavorful apple cider.

Arkansas Black is a smaller dark red apple that darkens as it is stored. It’s very hard and crunchy with a great apple flavor!  Black Twig is also dark skinned and very crisp. Both of these apples are considered great apples to keep long term, but here on the farm they don’t last that long! We juice them right up and get them bottled and on the shelves for you!

It’s pretty unique to actually have a sparkling cider with only two apple varieties, especially two varieties that are rare. That is where our speciality of apple growing comes in handy! We hand picked these trees, planted and cared for them, and now we use the apples to make you this very NOT-run-of-the-mill cider!







Winter Pearmain stands alone.

Winter Pearmain is our ONLY variety to have just one ingredient…. Winter Pearmain Apples. Don’t be confused by the name. There isn’t pear in this variety. The cider apple variety “Winter Pearmain” looks a little like a pear, probably giving it it’s name.  

Whereas other varieties we press have multiple kinds of apples blended together to meld and enhance the flavor, Winter Pearmain is just…. Winter Pearmain.  It was actually made by chance, to be quite honest.  We had basically finished cider pressing for the season and had a few cider apples left over.  Knowing that it was a shame for these to go to waste, we decided to press just these apples to see the flavor and qualities of the juice it produced. Little did we know how great of a juice it would make!  It was so good, in fact, that it became it’s own Heirloom Blend.

One very unique thing about this variety is that it carbonates like a champion. If Harvest Crush is our lightest carbonated blend, then Winter Pearmain would be our heaviest carbonated blend! It is what we consider a celebratory cider.  One that truly can stand alone.







Sheffield Gold is stout. And brand new.

It was, in fact, created just weeks ago when we brainstormed with the idea of combining some of our more bold flavors that contained bitter tannins.

What are tannins you ask? Tannins are the element that makes our cider taste dry.  It adds a complexity to the flavor.  It also adds a touch of bitterness.  Don’t worry, it’s not sour like sucking on a lemon, it’s more bold.  Bold with an intense apple flavor. It’s a cider to sip.  It’s not meant for gulping.  

This bold blend is made by pressing Hudson's Gold Gem, Gold Rush and Golden Russet apples.  It is “Gold” in both name and flavor.  You'll find that these tannin apples have just enough acid in them to emerge a most delightful dry cider!  You’re gonna love it.