Sheffield Gold

Sheffield Gold

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Sheffield Gold is stout. And brand new.

It was, in fact, created just weeks ago when we brainstormed with the idea of combining some of our more bold flavors that contained bitter tannins.

What are tannins you ask? Tannins are the element that makes our cider taste dry.  It adds a complexity to the flavor.  It also adds a touch of bitterness.  Don’t worry, it’s not sour like sucking on a lemon, it’s more bold.  Bold with an intense apple flavor. It’s a cider to sip.  It’s not meant for gulping.  

This bold blend is made by pressing Hudson's Gold Gem, Gold Rush and Golden Russet apples.  It is “Gold” in both name and flavor.  You'll find that these tannin apples have just enough acid in them to emerge a most delightful dry cider!  You’re gonna love it.

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Sheffield Gold
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