About Us

Seed to Bottle

In an age of bulk production, we take pride in every bottle we craft. We begin by choosing premium varieties to plant, and then with great care we water, prune, and harvest our apples. Meticulously choosing the best varieties for the juice, we press, bottle, and then deliver it right to you. Every step from the seed to the bottle is hand crafted with exceptional care by our Sheffield Cider Family. We are experts in the art of apple growing and cider making.

Our family moved to the Washington’s Columbia Basin in 1963. And although we started with only a small apple orchard of thirty acres, we recognized a passion for growing and producing quality fruit. Now, three generations later, thirty acres has grown to be hundreds, and our family carries on the tradition of growing numerous varieties of quality apples including heirloom cider varieties bred especially for the craft of cider making. We began pressing cider shortly after we started farming those thirty acres. Back then it was more of a community event. Our neighbors and friends enjoyed coming to the farm to help us press the cider and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Our family recipe for cider has been improved and perfected to have the right balance of flavors to bring you a palate-pleasing product that has the real apple taste. Our family tradition of cider making we now share with you. We value quality, and that’s why our Sheffield Cider family takes care of everything, from the seed to the bottle. We take pride in bringing you this product, every step of the way.