Double Black

Double Black

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Double Black is very unique. It is made from old-time cider apple varieties : Arkansas Black and Black Twig apples.  These apple varieties are very dark skinned, and are considered great apples to keep long term, but here on the farm they don’t last that long! We juice them right up and get them bottled and on shelves for you!
    It’s pretty unique to actually have a sparkling cider with only two apple varieties, especially two varieties that are rare. That is where our specialty of apple growing comes in handy! We hand picked these trees, planted and cared for them, and now we use the apples to make you this very flavorful cider!


Gold Medal Winner

Heirloom Blend (Limited Reserve Quantity)

Double Black is a blend of Blacktwig and Arkansas Black apples. It has a wonderful unique apple taste and the aroma of the apple orchard on a cool fall morning.

Double Black
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