Winter Pearmain

Winter Pearmain

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Winter Pearmain stands alone.

Winter Pearmain is our ONLY variety to have just one ingredient…. Winter Pearmain Apples. Don’t be confused by the name. There isn’t pear in this variety. The cider apple variety “Winter Pearmain” looks a little like a pear, probably giving it it’s name.  

Whereas other varieties we press have multiple kinds of apples blended together to meld and enhance the flavor, Winter Pearmain is just…. Winter Pearmain.  It was actually made by chance, to be quite honest.  We had basically finished cider pressing for the season and had a few cider apples left over.  Knowing that it was a shame for these to go to waste, we decided to press just these apples to see the flavor and qualities of the juice it produced. Little did we know how great of a juice it would make!  It was so good, in fact, that it became it’s own Heirloom Blend.

One very unique thing about this variety is that it carbonates like a champion. If Harvest Crush is our lightest carbonated blend, then Winter Pearmain would be our heaviest carbonated blend! It is what we consider a celebratory cider.  One that truly can stand alone.

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Winter Pearmain
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