Heritage Raspberry

Heritage Raspberry

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Meet Heritage Raspberry.

Heirloom Blends are really quite fun for us. They are a way for us to experiment and try out new blends and recipes.  Heritage Raspberry was the first of these to try.

We call it Heritage Raspberry because the first time we pressed this juice we used raspberries from our first generation cider maker’s berry patch. My Grandmother, (or as my kids call her, “Grandma Grandma”, offered her raspberry patch for us to try this new blend. We knew it was an immediate hit the first time we tried it and got to work planting a raspberry patch big enough to make more!

This blend is kind of amazing and is a new favorite among the family. If you tried and loved the first batch of Raspberry we did, you will be floored by this one!

But there is a catch.  Because we wanted to preserve the strong raspberry flavor, we were only able to press a very limited number of bottles.

So get yours ordered soon. You haven’t tasted anything like it. I assure you.

Heritage Raspberry
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