Apple Cherry

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A gourmet blend made from sweet harvest apples and fresh tart cherries.  This blend is uniquely different in a delicious way.  Because the tart cherry flavor is strong, we use equally strong apple varieties to not lose our signature apple flavors.  It also has a beautiful amber hue that looks great in gift baskets and gift packs along side one of our straight apple blends. This is our favorite cider to cook with as it enhances many flavors.  It pairs well with beef particularly and is delicious to reduce down and add to stews.  This blend is also a great dessert cider for family and guests. 

A speciality cider variety used and origin: Black Twig Apple, USA 1830

Food Pairings: This cider is perfect with red meats such as rib eye steak or prime rib.  It is also delicious with rich desserts such as extra dark chocolate cake.

Apple Cherry
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